L'appel Du Vide


by Sadistik

on L'appel Du Vide (2021)

I'm glad to know that you're so miserable to see me
Do you always sound like this or is it difficulty breathing?
Nothing comes but sickness when you greet me
Bloody gums are just a symptom of the teething
Skinny puppy getting thick as thieves
I'd kiss your feet if it would make me feel less incomplete
I wanted what I didn't need, too wanton with the little things
Bittersweet projector reel haunted by the imagery
I just miss the feeling of you missing me
I can't let you go I know I'm only special when the petals show
I'm talking with the spectres while you watch me for the spectaclе
Exoskeleton skin, protects thosе gentle whims
Pretzel limbs when they echo all my existential dread
Like is this the end? I miss my friends nothing makes a difference when
I know that I can't change the past or get past all the changes
Live in limerence, lemon trees bitter as the memories
That vivisect my center still its better late than ever
To demonstrate forever they reduced you to a photograph
I went to face the weather making beautiful from overcast
No one lasts forever in this place we're all ephemeral
But still your words left scrapes all on my femoral, yeah

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On Limerence by Sadistik

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