by SKR

[Hook: Deo]
You see I met santana
She bad pass Tony Montana
She two faced Hannah montana
She's curved and yellow like Fanta
See she feeling cool, but I'm posher
She's driving Chevrolet then I Porsche her
Then I pull her back and I bust her
Oooo santana
Oooo Santana
[Verse 1: Solstice]
She like lazio, she's gotten Klose
She know who I be and she know that I buzz her
She do me I do her like trade by barter
And she in Ferragamo and different types of bata
I'm her alpha and she could do better
I control her, make her shift when I enter
She always agree like a concord
And she open and close like a cupboard
I get her passing out so I'm barca
She know I will share, it's in my arsenal
Wear her waist like bandana
Take her out of this world like Nasa
She ask me the question, I give her the answer
She riding in the benz, I just want to outclass her
I dey playwright, that's why I got the acts
Santana had the looks, that's why I got her marked
[Verse 2: IC]
This girl yeah she like me
When we together I can make it lively
When we together yeah
Baby just Komole
You know this is how we rolling here
Where do you wanna go, baby I've been there
Yeah, I've seen there
When we step in the club, the girls say
I heard Skr's in the building
I ain't the type that keeps using you
I'm the type yeah, I keep confusing you
I'm the type, I be satisfying you
Hey babe, you looking too sweet
Now tell me now who you wanna be with
These day I've been trying to see you
Hey babe you can stay with me, Santana
[Verse 3: Pyro]
She said her name was Santana
Really didn't care, just wanted to bust her
Stepped into the club and she gave me her number
Saying that men you ball pass Maradona
Pyro balls too hard like testes
There ain't no contest they know who the best be
Santana got more curves than Blackberry
And I defend her, John Terry
Stacking papers taller than Yao Ming
Girls be tripping when they hear the boy sing
She want to be my queen cause I am the rap king
My rhymes like jewellery, they make your earring
Spit my heart out on sixteen bars
She said I got everything like Spar
Her favorite spot, the back seat of my car
I'm not in the sky but you looking at a star