SALTGANG (Seven feat. Ima)


by SALTGANG (Seven feat. Ima)

My friends, my friends better than your friends, oh yeah (is that how it go?)x2

First off don't talk to me if you talk about me
Last off don't fuck with me if you fuckin with me
Please save y'alls energies i shut it down tho
Fuck getting faded tomorrow nigga imma do it now
On my iphone on my nights out
Who's not saltgang? let me find out?
P saw me she talked to me yo
Hype me up all night that was so nice of her
Like 6 nights ago. and she really ain't wrong
But niggas are trippin our here look how myra did shawn
A realm from beyond and crazy cause i feel like lebron but then again look at Cleveland, so really- what am i thinking?
Am i thinking...?
So coco told me stop tryna please you niggas
If niggas was in my shoes they would see it the way i see it
Family feuds. battle of exes battle of sexes
A game of thrones for my homies i wonder what the fuck next
I ain't even create the name saltgang that was my best friend
That's how i'm feeling
It's funny cause
That same best friend is probably still fucking my ex
Sexual healing
Then again..
Then again look at all the people i've met
My greatest enemies ever and inseparable friends
I saw some colors i can never forget
Women that act like we never met
Fuck validation that's word to chris (emphasis) i
Should've played fortnite with all my niggas and him
We gotta make time for our homies... time for our babies
We feel so limitless but our time is so limited
You fought with depression you never showed it
I always thought you were an angel and now i know it
Now i know it


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