Russ Taff

I Believe*

by Russ

on Russ Taff (1987)

I believe, yeah
I do whatever I want, whenever I want
I love it
People keep talkin', I just keep winnin'
I'm just like "f*ck it"
They talkin' reckless, I don't believe it
I think they bluffin' (they just be talkin')
They just want clout
I'm just so poppin'
I'm just like "f*ck it" (yeah, yeah)

Everybody tryna get a rise out of me
Ex girls tryna get a high out of me
I don't talk back 'less you worthy
Hang the plaques up like jerseys
25 racks [?] on me
My family relies on me
Walk around with [?]
The industry full of some hoes
They lettin' like anything go
People as shady as f*ck
I keep to myself, but I feel the energy though
None of these people

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On I Believe* by Russ

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