The Bar Exam 2.5


by Royce Da 5'9"

on The Bar Exam 2.5, The Album (2008)

[Chorus: Royce Da 5'9"]
Yeah, the streets got a code, cause bein loud is old
Silent is gold, smile and unload
No police gotta know, cause when your problem is told
Your problem is again told, that's a no
I'ma tell a couple stories about, the notorious route
That niggaz take when they thirst, hear me out
In 5... 4... 3, 2, 1

[Royce Da 5'9"]
Here's a little story, I got to tell
About, a couple dudes you didn't know so well
They didn't get a chance to blow but they can flow so well
This is the perfect time for you haters to go "Oh well" (uhh)
Let's take it down to the Nolia where them boys is warriors
They notorious for orderin more than just hits
So take heeeeed, I seen dude in a V in the D
He musta been movin with B.G. (whattup)
Before "Slow Motion" I heard dude was so focused
On his street credibility, he's a +Soulja+
Would he rather have beef or exposure? I don't know
I never met him; I just know that I ain't tryin to forget him
As soon as he went hoooome, the place he got the most love
Niggaz popped up and shot him in cold blood
At the worst time and they crept up, behind him
And uhh, just rewinded him

(Story two) I said boyyyy, would you +Boss Up and Get This Money+
For my niggaz who ain't here (yeah)
Bring the trees, and blow a huge cloud in the air
For niggaz who move without fear (yeah)
Gotta pour more than a beer, nigga pour out a fifth
Fuck it we rich, nigga pour out some Cris'
A young nigga got shot up once, put in a wheelchair
Still liked to light up blunts like "Look, I'm still here"
It's so truuuue
He came outta the hospital with way more money, way more jewels (yeah)
Roll throuuuugh, any hood that you want
In the city of Detroit they playin one of his tunes
He probably should've been with a Goon
He stopped at a car wash, I guess the dude he was with ain't know what to do
They crept up on the side of him and, put the nine to him and
Just rewinded him, yeah

(Story three) We 'bout to take it to the N.Y.C.
They know about him in the N.Y.C., but they don't know him in the D (uhh)
As far as emceein this nigga was crazy
Motherfuckers used to say he was better than Jay-Z
The first time I heard him was 9-5 "Ebonics"
I played it and all my niggaz was high tryin to rewind it
Them niggaz was like DAAAAMN
This nigga said that a snotbox was a nose without stoppin the flow
And I was, like maaaaan, I swear to God
That this nigga's a problem, I think he better than Nas (damn)
He's so ahead of his time
You play his music in '06, this nigga sound regular now (for sho')
I heard that he was thuggin, had a brother who was thuggin
He was sittin on a stoop and he didn't see it comin
They crept up in front of him and, put the gun to him and
Just rewinded him

[Chorus] – 6th line change "hear me out" to "R.I.P."

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On Rewind by Royce Da 5'9"

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