Worms Of The Earth

Escape From Eboracum

by Rosae Crucis

on Worms Of The Earth (2003)

Hiding in the shadows of the walls
Finding time to strike and go
Till your heart will stop to blood

Ambush the soldir at the gates
Silent victim of my hate
I'm berserching out of rage

Blood for the king of blood and steel for a throne of skulls
May your head beon your shouders
Till your sacred dawn

Bran cant forget the eyes of brother die
His hate that's growing stronger
But the cross burning inside

Run away from aburacum
All Roman's stendar's are few miles away
Run away and grab your honour
Stone , blood ,and pain you are strone you'll survive

One by one i'll tear you down
With my hands on putred ground
Run Bran run for Caledon
Crash the steel with bow and stone ....

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On Escape From Eboracum by Rosae Crucis

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