Robb Bank$

Let Me Turn You Up

by Robb Bank$

Let me turn you up
Let me get you high n*gga
Let me get you drunk
You standing on the wall n*gga
You ain't turning up
[Bow, bow]
Let me turn you up [x5]
You standing on the wall n*gga
You ain't turning up
Bad b*tches, double cups n*gga
Let me turn you up

[Verse 1:] [Yung Simmie]
Bad b*tches, double cups
So you know I'm turning up
Asking me what's in my cup
Boy you betta tighten up
Walked in with bad b*tches
Now we coolin in the cut
You walked in with no b*tches n*gga
You ain't turnin up
I throwing cash at that ass
Cause she strippin' for the team
Sippin lean with my team
You can't hang what you mean
500 all ones in my True Religion jeans
I'll throw it at your b*tch
I turn up on the scene


[Verse 2:] [Cashy]
I'm probably turnin up
I never gave a f*ck
And I'm all about my bucks
These b*tches know what's up
When I put my mac down
I'm guaranteed to f*ck
I'm probably rolling up
I couple hundred blunts
You ain't even turn up
You get lost for months
In [?] law I trust
Too hot I can't be touched
And n*gga drop the skunk
Them b*tches came with you
But they probably leave with us


[Verse 3:] [Robb Bank$]
I'm a black rainbow
Tumbl'r got on runway clothes
I use them all for stemcell research
And I pass kidney stones
And not to sound complacent
I just want power next to my name
Like a radio station
I dropped the city and when to the motherland for 6 months
And I still get on Twitter and I drop some sh*t
And they treat a n*gga like he never left
Oh, cause a n*gga be quiet
b*tch everything on your side quick
f*ck in the bathroom just to see how she react
In a hostile environment


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