Ricky Hil

Try To Understand

by Ricky Hil

Nostra Avenue, yeah
Ricky Hil, C.T
It's nothin' new

[Verse 2]
Everybody's pushing me in a new direction
The problem is, I can't seem to make a connection
Yea, anything you say that I need to do
So why are you testing me? (Why are you pushing me?)
I make my own decisions
The way that I'm living is up to me
I don't wanna follow what you call sincerely
I don't need to be anything that I don't wanna be
And they gon' make me try to be somebody else
That's impossible to me
I made my own name, I stayed myself
Sounds logical to me
See, I ain't gonna walk away from this
I ain't gonna talk, you worryin' 'bout the things I miss
I hope I let you know by the time you leave
How much that you mean, mean to me
I don't wanna leave, but I owe you
Remembering me, remembering me
I know that dedication is always gonna get the best of me
All that medication brought the worst out of me
I'm hoping that you know everything I'm telling you today
I hope you hear my name in the back of your head
Listen to me on days you wish you were dead
I know that it gets hard to understand
But sometimes it's easier to not have a plan than try to understand


It's goin' down, it's goin' down
Gonna be here, gonna be here

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