Richard - Different Now

by Richard

on Nicki (2008)

Up late most nights you wanna compromise
Family issues I don't even need to pick a side
Wanting what everybody else wants but more
What you think I'm in for
No more cheering and no more playing now
I'm not just a boy
Ain't no more curfew now
You think I'm just good now
I was just plotting I got everybody off now
Ugh what you want from me my behavior is coming off mad now
My thinking got me stressed out
I don't need no talking I just feel that I'm blessed out
Spending so much money on music I feel the word got around
I don't care what people say when my music come out I'm the best one in town
I'm not on the bench I'm a starter
I don't care who's coming right now
I just now I'm getting past what you are I'm just getting past are
I'm a different me my behavior got me acting different
All the haters are officials to me just know this game is refed out
Yours truly I doing what I love ain't nobody can tell me different I'm blessed now

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On Richard - Different Now by Richard

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