Rich Homie Quan

No sleep

by Rich Homie Quan

DJ Feezy
Rich Homie Baby
Ha Ha
Let's go
Go to the spot just to take a shower
I changed clothes, but I ain't been to sleep
I'm on the stage in just like an hour
It day 4, and I ain't been to sleep
That money callin', I can't go to sleep
Them J's call, Can't go to sleep
I'm up nigga I can't go to sleep
And that's because
I'm afraid to go to sleep cause I might die
And, I pray the Lord my soul to keep
Can't close my eyes nigga
Open yo eyes nigga
You gotta stay up
Can't go to sleep I'm afraid I might not wake up
Bless me Lord
[Verse 1]
Watch over my body
Get me through them days
I'ma get this money
Go to sleep; No way
Nah I ain't been to sleep nigga
You can see it in my face
You call me at like 6 nigga
I'ma pull up on ya the A
M nigga
That's him nigga
That's slim nigga
Matter fact nigga
Worth M's nigga
No deal nigga?
Are you serious nigga?
Hell yeah nigga I ain't playing
I ain't been to sleep
Hell nah I ain't going
Mama like "get ready for bed"
I'm like "Hell nah I ain't going"
Cause if I sleep then I don't eat
Then I get weak
Then I can't beat these niggas
Kill these niggas, defeat these niggas
Like a main dish I gotta eat these niggas
You know that I be up
At the same time that the sun be
I'm afraid to go to sleep
Cause I could die in it
[Verse 2]
Watch over my body
Pay them folks?
I don't know them folks!
Keep it low key like I'm supposed to do
And keep my eyes open cause them folks will move
In on you
Gotta watch for 'em
Next thing ya know you in the pin, homie
Too much sleep? That's a sin homie
And at all times I keep a ten on me
Got my old hood I still ride through it
Smoke a blunt or two
See what the guys doing
Been up four days
I got eye boogers
With these Tom Fords you can't tell nigga
That smell nigga?
Not me nigga
I swear nigga
I'm clean nigga
I bathe, but I ain't been to sleep nigga
That's the difference between you and me nigga
Hope the bitch nigga better sleep tight
I ain't been to sleep in like 4 + 3 nights
(I ain't been to sleep lil shawty)
Any of them don't go to sleep paid
(Gotta stay up nigga)
Look at me in my don't go to sleep eyes