Rythm Syndicate

Hey Donna

by Rhythm Syndicate

on Rythm Syndicate (1991)

Listen up

First time I saw you
You were different than the rest
The way you walked into the room
The way you wore that dress
I did everything to impress you
Trying all my favorite lines
But you looked into my eyes and
Cut me down to size
Said you dont play for keeps
Then dont waste my time

Hey Donna
Why you wanna do me like that
Why do me like that
Stole my heart and you wont give it back
Give it back
Donna, Donna, Donna

I cant take it no more
Took you out to dinn...

Song Comments (1)
On Hey Donna by Rhythm Syndicate

By Eijirou Kirishima


I'm looking for a song where is has
Donna Donna Donna in the beginning
Burn this scroll
Let them burn in hell
Let them rot in hell
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