Rhyan LaMarr

I Live

by Rhyan LaMarr

[Verse 1: Jered Sanders]
Yo, the world feeling like a vanity contest
Tryna live it on but the sanity on deck
And I ain't tryna stall but the wrong word out of context
Turn the calm to calamity, bomb threats
The enemy, the sin in me, on vex
Energy infinity ducking the remedy and I'm all stressed
And if I would've let a woosa go probably do tae-bo and be a friendly object
And when the mind race gotta get a travel pack
Tryna win the war probably do the Shaq attack
But the jewels on the inside like a cracker jack
God in a zone how a brotha get his swagga back
I ain't tryna kick game like a hacky sack
But imma tell Pride, "Go cop a first class ticket out of dodge n' to go and get his baggage packed."
Now a house ain't a home like baccarat, God

[Verse 2: Bri Smilez]
Warning, this is not a sermon it's a prophecy
Can't get these trumpets out my head and it's bothering me
I'm a luminary, no illuminati
Since I sold my soul to heaven, hell has tried to stop me
It's the dawn of the age of the narcissist, apocalypse
Truth and lies becoming more androgynous
Man's reflection of mind is a sign of the times
They've put a mute on conviction, and now we desensitized
Any nation where the righteous are silent the wicked rule
You glow different when you own vision, symptoms of soul
My people perish for a lack of vision
Ignorance is killing like the fumes of a transmission, but He's risen
So don't ever give more power to the darkness than the light
I've equipped you for this battle
Yea you're gonna win this fight
Meditate on His word and everything that He said
And make sure His voice is the loudest one in your head

[Verse 3: J Torah]
Knock knock is anybody home there
My intuition's telling me to get away from here
I feel the depression cuz I'm all up in my own head
Everyday living strugglin' tryna get ahead
Trying not to fall dealin' with my own vices
I'm just a living walking vessel tryna live righteous
Somebody please pray for me I think I'm going under
It's too late the whole world already goin' under

[Chorus: Bri Smilez]
I live inside of my head
I live inside of my head
I live inside of my head
I live inside of my head

[Verse 4: Eshon Burgundy]
In my mind I be drawin' conclusions
Fear and anxiety be causing all this confusion
Holy Spirit be reminding me it's all an illusion
Can't let uncertainty define me its destroying the movement
And we on go, like we put the “g” on no
Bright future like its neon under the orange glow of the sun
Quoting scripture make me richer and they give me hope
No I ain't ever sell my soul but I've been approached
Thank God he keep my eyes open like I seen a ghost
No joke its wide open like it's through a scope
Propaganda they pass it around like Pollyanna
Cripple the epistle in me so I do not wave the banner
Camera camera on the wall why don't you tell me what you saw
Is it the devil in disguise out here tryna fade us all
Is this pedestal a lie praises only for the Lord
My mind keeps tryna throw me off, God catch me before I fall

[Verse 5: Dee Black]
In my mind I take residence
Evicted dead presidents
And God been there ever since, benevolent
The love of money my impediment
But when it all falls down the sediment found there's evil abound
When pride reigns you can easily drown, without a covering
Sin live because of men
Men live because of Him
Utter in praise, covered in grace
With mercy he heard me
Unworthy, reserved me
A place, deposit was paid
Positive ways are negative when self-righteous
In our mind we see the self like-ness
Made in His image
Sin is presented when thought is the limit
And God isn't in it
We're called to repenting and changing the mind
He changed my design, redecorated my interior
The change was divine
At times I find my exterior
Circumstances second chances become relief
When you're living inside your head, take up your bed and break the lease

[Verse 6: Rhyan La
Now normally I would I rap right here
But let's just groove
I've been stuck in the middle of my life
I've been stuck in the middle of my life (Sometimes its hard, got to keep moving)
I've been stuck in the middle of my life (Sometimes I fail, sometimes I back slide)
I've been stuck in the middle of my life (But imma keep moving)
I've been stuck (Said imma moving)

[Break: Jack Red]
It's inside my head all the things I've done
If I make amends pray it all ends

[Outro: Rhyan La
Marr, Bri Smilez]
I've been stuck in the middle
But Imma keep moving until I get up
Oh Lord I just want to thank you for hooking me up
Cuz sometimes I get left when I've gotta go right
I've been stuck in the middle
I've been stuck in the middle
I've been stuck in the middle
I've been stuck in the middle
I've been stuck in the middle

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On I Live by Rhyan LaMarr

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