Trap Society

by Resize

Yeah lets get itYeah yeah
Try to feel the beat
Take 96
May 16

[Verse 1]
These niggas dont wanna hear it start
Then in part make my shit bark
On god they killed my nigga clark
I bang them
Then hang em
May god forgave them
Then I throw shade on them
I go lyrically insane on them
Then I clang on them

[Verse 2]
Red dots
Thats big shots
We only do head shots
We got beams that gleaming
Niggas always be scheming
Leave yall niggas bleeding
And we dont need a reason
Run up and kill you for treason
Needy niggas be feneing
Our whole gang be leaning

[Verse 3]
Yo bitch want this dick
I make her do a fucking flip
Killled a b
Didn't even try
That slob had it coming
My 40 clip was humming
Nigga our shit is bumpin
But that dont mean nothing
Cuz yo bitch im cuffin
Nigga bet you didn't see that coming

[Verse 4]
Killed a nigga in his back
Nigga made my shit clap
Then I took a nap
This that Trap Society
I make yall niggas bleed
Anything my niggas need
That shits guaranteed

[Verse 5]
Its big R
Im glowing
Steady bitch on me blowing
I'm flowing
I'm going to be on top
While yo hoe giving me top
I got a Glock
Youngin stop blockin this shot
Chef curry with the pot
No i can not stop
Pull up on a opp
Then all you here is a pop
Nigga stop
Cuz my nigga tae is a good shot

[Verse 6]
Its Resie and i be rockin them yeezys
Yeah my flow is so damn easy
Im killing you all like beezy
Hollow points make yall dizzy
Load my nine then ima kill iggy
Getting jiggy just like biggie
Catch me drinking on that fizzy
Yall niggas is so damn fake
Catch me killing a oop and a jake
Pull up kevin gates
Yea I give yall niggas shakes
Wake and bake
Then beat the case
Pull my chain on then i bang on em
Glo gang
Make this shit bark
In the dark
Niggas call me the shark

This that trap society
I make yall niggas bleed
Anything my niggas need
That shits guaranteed

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On Trap Society by Resize

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