Reisa L. Gerber

Sister {dontcha Say Goodbye

by Reisa L. Gerber

on I Got All My Sisters and Me

There comes a point in time,
When a sister says "goodbye" for separate ways,
Part forever, part forever
Now the world was icy cold like a death wish,
But the sister said 'Goodbye", goodbye anyway
Oh, sister, can't you see'Oh, sister,can't you see?
I need your love? Please don't leave me,
Please don't leave me!
Oh, sister can't you see it would destroy me
If you ever walk away?
Please don't leave me, please don't leave me!
Don'tsay "goodbye" don't say goodbye.

Now, the nicest people say "Goodbye"
And in their hearts I may still live,
But sister, please don't leave me
Please don't leave me-
The artists point with righteous heart
At all my wrongs and evil-
Turn around, turn around,
So we all can see the flaw!


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On Sister {dontcha Say Goodbye by Reisa L. Gerber

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