The Color Clear

Actias Luna

by Reflections

on The Color Clear (2015)

It's all inside of your head!
We are nothing but illusions
Lost inside our own delusions
We're victims of our own seclusion
It's all inside of my head!
All lost like deja vu
All of my dreams in the hue of blue
Believing all the lies
I wish were true
I know, we've made choices
We wish we didn't choose
But you, will always have me
Even when, I don't have you
You are the sun, and I am your moon
I am your artist, you are my muse
I've been lost
Inside of dreams I see with open eyes
I've grown fond of
The bliss from this eclipse between body and mind
Hollow bodied entity
Won't you, walk with me
Show me something that I've never seen
I've lost the line between reality and my dreams
Something so shallow
Can't sink so low
You are the sun, and I am your moon
I am your artistm you are my muse
You will always have me
Even when I don't have you

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