The Stress Files

The Puzzle

by Reef The Lost Cauze

on Invisible Empire (2003), The Stress Files (2008)

Ladies and gentlemen, blaze up the medicine
Get you a Heineken, it's 'bout that time again
The sky get higher than, cloud up your mind again
Cause Cauze 'bout to rhyme again
And that's gon' be liver than
Nothing you ever saw
I guarantee it
But no money back boy we not on no free shit
It ain't no secret
Kill every show like it's Colosseum, best believe it
[Verse One]
Ladies and gentlemen, how have you ever been
Getting along without me spitting these songs?
To the chickens in thongs just let your ass shake
To my roosters with hookas and bongs just let the grass bake
If it's past eight, you should've been started drinking
And blaze up and pass it if it's danking and it's stanking
If it's Dirt McGirt, that won't work young sriddap
I can't hit that
The beat knock now watch me flip that
Sit back and watch me spit that
Flow that comes with a gift rap
I don't need to lip back
You fuck around and get your lips smacked
Bottom or upper, hotter than an oven so it's no wonder why I'm number one young
Y'all getting Dumb and Dumber like James Carrey
And the game is scary but I'm even scarier
Causing mass hysteria all through your stereo
Intercept your respect just like Mark Carrier
Dawg you know you love me
Trust me, you don't want me to get ugly
Don't go down that road boy, that road get bumpy
You can't touch me
How you want me? East/West or Country?
You gotta bump me
Let your speaker bump
Don't trip, just dip, let that reefer talk for ya
Now you feel smooth
Do what you do and just move let it hang
Just groove
Now booze!
Get drunker than a mother
It's the dude
Who get it jumping like no other
And soon
You'll see how we get it down
Bwoy don't play around bwoy, I came for the crown boy
You're just a clown boy
Spit water
You fuck around and find yourself about to hella drown bwoy
And hoes I be sticking 'em
Shows I be ripping 'em
Don't play with me I stay Sucka Free like Lil' Flip and them

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On The Puzzle by Reef The Lost Cauze

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