Sonic the Hedgehog: The Musical

Fake hedgehog

by Random Encounters Entertainment

on Sonic the Hedgehog: The Musical (2019)

(Sonic). When the world demands a hero
Someone brave to risk it all
When the city needs a savior
It's me who heeds the call;
I don't need a friend or sidekick
Cause this hedgehog works alone
You're a knock off don't deny it
You're no hero, just a clone

(Both) you're a fake hedgehog, make no mistake
You're not good enough, to be even called my fake

(Shadow). When Robotinic sought for answers
He found them all in me
I lost my friend Maria
So that I could finally see
That the world will need a shadow
To step forth into the light
But you're standing in my way now
And I'm looking for a fight

(both) you're a fake hedgehog, I'm not deterred
By a cut rate hedgehog, who wants to eat his words

(Shadow) your a poor impersonation
Of the hedgehog they deserve
No one needs the help of a cheap facsimile
(Sonic) you're a brash abomination
And you've got a lot of nerve
(Both). To think you'll ever be as good as me

(Shadow). The time is running short now
To bridge this deep divide
And you need my support now
So let me join your side

(Sonic). Why does no one here believe me
I don't need a player two
So just take a hike and leave me
I can do this without you

(Both) you're a fake hedgehog
(Shadow) fine don't come back
(Both). You're a fake hedgehog
(Sonic). Same to you you hack
(Both) you're a fake hedgehog

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