Declaration Of War

White People Awake


on Declaration Of War (2013)

Ref: White people awake! Save our great race! x 2
You know our system's run by secret societies
They're doing what they need to bring the white race to
It's knees
We gotta rise up now, white man take a stand!
If we all bond together we can take back our homeland!
We've taken a lot now, we ain't taking anymore
I think that the time has come to declare Racial Holy
I think that the time has come, I think that you would
Come on, join our creed, a new world for you and me!
A long time ago now, we were given christianity
But now we've awoken and we want creativity!
Our flags are flying high, to our banners we now hail
There is no stopping us, the white race will prevail!

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On White People Awake by RAHOWA

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