Leviathan's Desire

Humanized Leviathan

by Protector

on Leviathan's Desire (1990)

Birth through death of mankind
The dogs of war are free
A life in thoughts and wishes
Is now reality
A future century master
The burnt magicians prophecy
Ears are closed to wisdom
But soon they'll hear tomorrows screams

Eternal subjugation
Murderous theory
Chemical suffocation
Millennium agony

Rules the world with fire
A throne of skulls and bones
The octagon is burning
Over ruins and dust
No way back to freedom
The downfall of humanity
The truth is faced with fear
A reign that'll last eternally

(Repeat second verse)

Opprobrium - Forcible
Humanized Leviathan - Leviathan Humanized
Intolerable - Ubiquity
Humanized Leviathan - Leviathan Humanized

Children born as slaves
A life deep down in caves
Forever lost in the dark
Still waiting for Noah's Ark

(Repeat foregoing verse)

(Repeat third verse)

(Repeat second verse)

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On Humanized Leviathan by Protector

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