Prince Ea

Amazing Nerd Rapper (2011 MC Showcase)

by Prince Ea

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[Verse 1: Prince EA (as a Nerd)]
I'mma show what's in my head right now
To be direct, I'm a little stressed, yep, and upset right now
Mom, don't talk about karma and how I'm blessed right now!
If karma existed, these bullies, they would be dead right now
See, I've been bullied on all my life, picked on and picked last
At Lincoln High today, I cried and skipped class
They all laughed when I said that I could rap
But I can rap, I promise you that!
So what if I'm a Nerd and I know the first 20 digits of Pi
I can rap better than all of those rappers that they idolize
I said, so what if I'm a nerd? I can rap
Let's play a game...Who am I?

[Verse 2: Prince EA (as Eminem)]
My therapist says that I'm scared of commitment and very demented
Ever since I told him I licked marinara off a venerial sickness
Kim, I dont care if you listen
You talking to Marshall, trick!
I'll marry the Blair Witch, and then bury you with her
I'm very committed to charities
Last week, I performed "Whip My Hair" with Willow at a chemotherapy clinic

[Verse 3: Prince EA (as Jay-Z)]
Its ya boy, Young Hov, in the building so necessary
You'll see my videos and swear I got the devil in 'em (Hovy)
I just made another 7 trillion
Me and Bey sipping on them drinks with umbrellas in em

[Verse 4: Prince EA (as Drake)]
Last name Ever, First Name Greatest
Middle name Blackberry, Shout out to my haters
Bring it back, shot
Young Money all up in your mouth.... Ring Pop
Me and Nicki getting married
And Weezy is the preacher, so I hope you bitches ready
Cause we gonna pop bottles of Moscato, gettin 'fetti
Charlie Sheen, Charlie Sheen, yeah, we winning, no confetti
(ah, ah)

[Verse 5: Prince EA (as 2Pac + the Nerd)]
Killuminati tried to finish me
15 years later, you remember me!?
Hail Mary, still pouring out that Hennessy
West Side till we die, riding on our enemies! (uh)
I was appalled to set the record straight
We Outlaws, still them thugs that they love to hate
I love the hate
But I'm here to spit the facts
It's Prince EA
I just proved that nerds can rap!
And I'm done!

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