by Postcards

Feels like the end of it all
Words seem to stumble and fall
Won't somebody please find the lights
Take me home

Lying in bed
I know the spiderwebs above me will soon cover me
Cover every wall and corner of this room

Is this the end of it all?
Words seem to echo, threads dissolve
I can't help but wonder, will they ever hold?

No finish line
I run, I run until my legs fall off, 'till my lungs explode
And I will close my eyes, pretend to sleep for now

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On Spiderwebs by Postcards

By $$$


Was it the song you were looking for? No

Please help me find this song! It has a violin in the back and it goes like “is this the end of it all... is this the end of it all”. It’s a guy singing and it’s really nostalgic.
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