by Polaris

on Dichotomy (2013)

I've spent my life chasing ambitions
That were just beyond my reach
Just to feel so disenchanted as potential fell to waste
But still I tremble at the thought of my unaccomplished aims
Knowing all my best laid plans
Might leave me reeling and empty handed

Vicious circles are a false sense of progression
Every wrong turn one step further from my goal
Furthering the distance in my mind

The path less travelled is one I've feared to walk
But hesitation is a dead end road

It seems I've always run away
Turned my back on uncertainty
(Never dared to face my own worst fears)
A life spent being led astray will never amount to anything
Until my reflection shows me
That the hands that held me back are none but my own

My heart will never be another unrequited dream
I'll travel the earth and seas to find a heart that beats for me

And though the winds will change, I'll find new strength to fill my sails
Each growing breath one final push to carry me home

Searching for so long just to find
What was right in front of me all this time
It takes so much just to open up your eyes
And when you feel like you're alone
Look for strength to find your way back home and carry on

Nothing comes of apathy

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