Middle of Everywhere

Drinkin' Whiskey Tonight

by Pokey LaFarge

on Middle of Everywhere (2011)

Me and the boys and my good gal too
We're drinkin' whiskey tonight
Go get your buddies and them gals that you said you knew
We're drinkin' whiskey tonight
We've got the pickin for your party of booze
This town has got something we can use
When can you live if not this night
We're drinkin' whiskey tonight
He likes his bourbon with a little bit of water
And she likes it with a little bit of soda
He likes, she likes, we like when we all drink together
So come on and pass that stuff around
You can get anything that you want don't you see
So come and get it while you're getting good company
I've got a girl on my left and a girl on my right
We're drinking whiskey tonight

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On Drinkin' Whiskey Tonight by Pokey LaFarge

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