Uncle Duke

My Shadow

by Phil Keaggy

on Uncle Duke (2000)

The clouds had passed, the sky was bright
But nowhere was the sun in sight
And there he stood beneath the tree
For all to see-how could this be

He stood facing east ignoring my stare
Just as if I wasn't there
A most unusual sight to see
Was he ashamed of me-how could this be

Did he represent my life long past
Is he the darker side catching up at last
Or perhaps he is my spiritual side
Within myself he did reside-why did he hide

What took so long for me to see
My shadow silently by the tree
Did I refuse to see it long before
In the early days when I could explore
The spiritual side of me-how could this be

Why does my shadow now exist
Why does its presence so persist
Am I lost in space or run aground
Never to be found, to be found

Does it represent the hope I need
The strength and courage to succeed
A helping hand to guide me through
So many things to do, to do

He raised his hands to the sunless sky
Does his existence tell the reasons why
I should make a change in the waning years
Ask forgiveness-shed some tears, shed some tears

Yes, I whispered, I believe you're there
You definitely have the same gray hair
Like it or not you look like me
My shadow standing by the tree

The spiritual side of me
How could this be?
The spiritual side of me
I think I see
The spiritual side of me
I see how this could be
How this could be
Spiritual side of me

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On My Shadow by Phil Keaggy

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