Millenium Metaphors

The Racists

by Phi-Life Cypher

on Life Cypher - Millennium Metaphors (2000), Millenium Metaphors (2008)

Man 1: Look at that coon in that car over there. It's just sick isn't it?
Man 2: I know! It's got a white bird in there too!
Man 1: It makes ya sick, come over here, taking our jobs
Man 2: Yeah. Hey, I bet he - how'd you think he - how'd you think he payed for it?
Man 1: Trapping (needs verification)
Man 2: Trap dealer! (needs verification)
Man 1: They're all drug dealers and pimps man
Man 2: I'll tell ya!
Man 1: Wearing vicar suits, I know about those niggers, mate!
Man 2: Thieves, wolves
Man 1: Yeah, jungle bunnies
Man 2: Chocolate drops

[Verse 1: Life MC]

Beat and kicked, raped and stripped
And brought over on slavery ships
Getting whipped while cotton gets picked
Slave masters get rich, it's nearly 2000
Still you're trying to treat me like a bitch
With your racist politics, worse than Slobodan Milošević
I walk in the streets and smell your bad vibes
Hear your mad lies, spreading propaganda
Saying black guys be bad guys
Giving fuel to the younger racists wearing jeans and braces
Combat 18 tattoos, Doctor Marten boots, and shoes with red laces
Functioning and devil [?] reading mark of the beast scriptures
Neo-nazis sporting swastikas, screaming "Heil Hitler"
National Front be on the prowl, supporting words of Enoch Powell
Evict all ethnic minorities for bread is all, send them home now
But when you was poor, after the 2nd World War
If I'm not mistaken you wanted someone to clean your country up and sent for the Jamaicans
Even now it sticks in the mind, it's a sign of the times
These racists everywhere, prepared to commit these murderous crimes
Now more threats in the starting, one's founded in Brixton market
White supremacists were the culprits
Ethnic minorities were the target
There's racists in the army, racists in the police
That's why [?] said black youth are more likely to rob you on the streets
Not because it's true but because [?]'s a racist dude
The type that crazed black people behind they back, he chants these racists views
The police in uniform to cover the mark of the beast
And as long as these racists reign, racism will never cease
White wolves trying to make ethnics feel like black sheep
Ku Klux Klan attacking the black man while wearing a white sheet
Provoking the black folks with your banana boat jokes
You quote, and viciously burn us on the cross
Or try to hang us by our throats
The black trench coat gang of Neo-nazis
Is just another section of Illuminati government armies

[Verse 2: Si Phili]
I'm living inside this spinning sphere of hatred
Because of my black skin I'm spitting the lyrical testimonials that are sacred
To the racist, I be considered a threat to civilization
Whether they blacks or asians, it's taking the white man's occupation
I'm feeling frustration
From this subliminal segregation
And organizations
That's funding the race-hate federations
Professional haters that's thinking they're white race liberators
Racist dictators and racist magazine legislators
Been living in fear of the blacks, holding us back
They're trying to dodge the facts that be written inside of the tabernacs
I've seen this like I've seen the end of my fucking penis
We'll soon be going to war with these right-wing extremists
Perverted conservative minds thinking like swines
Committing murderous crimes, and people say
"This is a sign of the times"
It's an everyday basis, learn how to deal with a two-faced racist
Talking behind my back and in my face, he's singing about races
But when he talks to an asian it's the blacks that he can't stand
And when talks the blacks it's the people from Pakistan
I can't overstand all these radical race-hate teams
The BMP, the Chelsea Headhunters and Combat 18
Studying minds, careful wearing fascist attire
Getting trained by the after freedom fighters or ceasefire
They're blowing us up with bombs in Brixton and Brick Lane
With a bomb and bag of nails they cause them some sick pain
Inflict pain to babies with nails
That's not in the flow joes , cause I don't know
Had it conceiving me just like a homo

[Refrain: Si Phili and Life]
Combat 18, FBI, CID, CIA
BMP, MI5, National Front, KKK
Combat 18, FBI, CID, CIA
BMP, MI5, National Front, KKK

Yeah, we done with all this black bastard shit (Ya know!), all of this whack talk. Get our country, give us our women back, all right? This is the time we must unite, whether you black or white (All riiight, for real!). Phi Life Cypher. Teaching the people. We must live together equally. Asians, caucasians, west indian, it don't matter (Ya know). All right? Well all right

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On The Racists by Phi-Life Cypher

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