Passionate Mc


by Passionate Mc

[VI Seconds Round 1]
Let's get it popping off, Passion, I'm all in
The arms got long range and they spit fire like Dhalsim
Keep acting fly and I'm anti-airing him
Bullets gonna leave him spinning like a Zangief Lariat
The moment it Cap, calm, now I'm barring him up
Feel like Balrog now 'cause I charge for a punch
Here is something as loud as a Sonic Boom, that pipe gon' bust
You act crazy, boy, I've been a psycho crusher
Yeah, holding a chopper, no problem causing a Blanka
What that mean? Throw the green, there'll body, what a shocker
What I'm putting to your T hawks, your DJ can get it later
Mask up with metal on the arm like Vega
I am Bison you can't touch me, face it
You'll get two big rounds; Chun-Li's bracelets
See, I'm taking this as Ryu can
I'll flat your top like Guile
Can you see dude beating me? Let me know just how dude can
Big Sagat, only one eye to see
Poison in the pen, this guy will flatline like loose leaf
When that cannon spike you, you in the back of a black truck
E-Honda at your funeral; everyone getting smacked up
Roses on his casket, catching bodies isn't new to me
Big chains swinging when I move like Akuma's beads
Been a street fighter, who wanna dance with the goat?
You'll get knocked out "perfect," with my hands at your throat
Sure you can try to spray off with intention to spray off
Two of 'em, holding on that thing when they spray off
There's two of 'em, twins, boom and bang, Yun and Yang
(Brrrrr), throw you up like Kolin when I choose to bang
Watch me, you know that I'm the man
Walk in, turn your whole top 5 into Dan
Big racks like R.Mika when you want somebody dead
One punch will have birdies spinning 'round your head
Who want it with me? Who want it with he?
Who want it with me? This what y'all wanted to see?
Who want it with me? I'm- b*tch, I'm all about that action
Someone tell Lupe that I really want that action

[Passionate MC Round 1]
The lights is on in the crisis zone
It's all fun and games 'till a life is lost
That's why you gotta fight twice as hard
'Cause you're now rocking with the Cypher God
Yeah, exit the pick then I rent it off
Infinite, no limits of a parameter
'Cause I'm known for the stamina
Waiting for the shot with both hands like holding the camera
Opening every lens with the focusing
Controlling all the solar beams that exposure brings
In the end, I can really show that I know the scene
Once I get the scoop, they gettin' served like Ovaltine
Stir crazy like Eminem when he turn shady
After thirst and hot when the third had devoured the verse greatly
I was the last man with the first lady
I ushered an end and had to let it burn, baby
Oof, metal in the microwave hot
'Cause the rebel make him tremble more than Michael J. Fox
With a finger to the law, looking like I hate cops
Hawk spitting on 'em all just to emulate Pac
What's the deal cousin?
How you talk reckless and still bluffing?
Where I'm from it takes more than weapons to kill something
A lot easier to break, but even harder to rebuild someone
I show you the place where the real comes from
It's all man, all heart, all principles
So I don't understand the pop garb people listen to
It's not hard, check the pop charts for the visual
When I start: allahu akbar in the physical
You know I get explosive in the flesh
They don't wanna put the soldier to the test, they already see it
Clapping heat like I'm Master Chief
More drama than Cortana in rampancy
I done moved more bodies than a taxi seat
When I pick the shotgun like a Madden freak
Rub it in your face like acne cream
'Cause it's part of the game like athletes
Sidestepping, Einstein weapon
Prize fight legend in the motherf*cking wifi era, uh

[VI Seconds Round 2]
At the blade I'm seeing snakes all tryna get put on
So before they get to close I'm setting fire to the lawn
Boy, who nicer than the Gawd? Lightning striking on my arm
Holding on the hammer maccin' when my lights is gettin' drawn
I've moved up a lot of levels, turned to a hostile fellow
For the green I'll pull up with the stick like Donatello
Irony in that, so I'm raising hell for the stacks
Pull up as a turtle just to put a shell on your back
Damn, all these herbs trying to speak on me scared
'Cause I'll buck and watch 'em fall, Meek on the stairs
Seeing that white light, seeking for air
Reaching while I hear "FINISH HIM"
Two bad sides speak in my ear, damn
It's comedy, because you hardly worthy laughing
When I let the five hit you in the face like Charlie Murphy
Let it blow like a runny nose, tatter him in his funny clothes
Stomach shot turn his six pack to a honey comb
Let it rain in threes with rug's Imma pop ya
Take ya girl, bring her back bored, boom shakalaka
Shlong long as a plunger, I be piping her down
While you be in the ER like you drive me around, wow
See, it's crazy and today this was my only meal
Claiming that you Tyson, leave you buried in a holy field
No charge army, tell your fam I'll be back, dog
'Cause noone really saying sh*t, Kodak with the mask on
Now I can sit here and tell you I'm the best alive
Run up on your set twisting heads for the exercise
Sharing all the stories, bite the tongue and spit check
But I don't share tables with those that didn't garner my respect
Killing, everything and everybody around
With enough hit factor to body the clown
It's my job to kill raids and kill your prods, boy, I like the work
All your dreams fell? Guess you should have had life alert
Got your bones breaking bad like Heinsenberg's
Solve my problems like anemics; gotta raise the iron first
Box or a box, you ain't got a lot to choose
There ain't nothing in my wallet; I ain't got a lot to lose
Make you move, and make sure you're wearing your best face
You only the king 'till I surround you, then it's checkmate

(Dye your hair)

[Passionate MC Round 2]
Yo, to copy what I do? They simply shouldn't try it in this world
They looking for a job, they lining up the referrals
A dealer with an application, as I'm past the ceiling and admiration, and built it with a lack of patience
The villains like a laceration across the backs of slaves is the mastas enact the chain and restraining the wings of a butterfly
They come apply, then run and hide in the summer time
Then wonder why guy ain't hired them, though
I fire the flow, leave 'em on a pire engulfed
Inside of the smoke, the iron Mike Tyson who quotes
The eye of the tiger inspired in the eyes of the goat
Higher than most, tighter than the bite to the throat
From a vampire with both his incisors enclosed around your neck
I'm one of the best without a album yet
Doubt the rest, they'll hear their clip inserted like a sound effect
But I need to calm down a bit
It doesn't matter what you're amountin' with when it's counterfeit
I'm bound to this, saw the change coming like an alchemist
And fell in love with the sound of it from a mountain cliff
I ain't choose you, you decided to choose me
And truthfully I used to think it was unique
Sort of like a new dream with the roots deep
But now I stand apart branchin' off with a loose leaf
And lose sleep, 'cause I'm tired of the dreams of you
But now it's time to make it meaningful
I'm off that, dressed in all black for the combat
Check the format on your screen like Comcast
Quit the digital dread, I ain't got this time for this online Facebook subliminal text
You got a problem with me? Get it correct
'Cause when I check marks, I'll leave a check mark slitting they necks
It ain't an issue till they see me in person
Anticipating the shots like Trump as the media worsens
I got demons, I don't know how they get inside
Split dividers, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
I grip the nine, as the trigger finger shifts align
You'll get the sign 'cause you going up against the mind
These hands talk with this gift of mine
I slip and slide, and I fill up more boxes than Christmas time
Oh, around the globe like I'm Saint Nick
Click clack, then you wrapped in a blanket
I'm so cold, and no soul in the matrix
A true artist, it doesn't matter what I paint with
Images drawn, in pinnacle form, when sentences born
I catch winds 'cause I've been through a storm
What you know about that real life, that real life? (x7)
I could show you what it feels like, it feels like
When your stomach growls, sour from the pain, wildin' for days
Hostile I ain't have a smile on my face
When I heard shots, blacka blacka bang, from a block away
I can say I was in the paint, Waka Flocka Flame
Not today, oh you mad 'cause I'm styling on you
I'm mad 'cause ain't nobody in this town loyal
I had everyone around spoiled
But you gotta stay up with a team that is down for you

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