Second Letter

by Passion Soundtrack

on Passion

Giorgio ...
I, too, have cried inside.
You must not be ashamed of your tears.
I love you for your tears.
Your absence only makes my love grow stronger.
And when I cannot bear it any longer -
[spoken] Don't be alarmed. It's my cousin.
I am so accustomed to her outbursts that I forget
how unsettling they must be to a newcomer.
My apologies for not warning you.
[spoken] She's not been having a good day.
And a doctor is always expected to help hurt, even when there is
nothing one can possibly do.
[spoken] More lamb please.
[DOCTOR (to Lombardi)]
[spoken] I've noticed you finally managed to track down some tarragon.
[spoken] Yes, I'm glad you approved ...
[spoken] Doctor.
[spoken] Excuse me.
[spoken] Sergeant, are there any more carrots?
[spoken] Seconds for you, Lieutenant? Can I take that as a compliment?
[spoken] No, Sergeant, they're for my horses
[spoken] In time, Captain Bachetti, you too will get used to life amongst us.

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On Second Letter by Passion Soundtrack

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