Safe As Houses

Stolen Children

by Parenthetical Girls

on Safe As Houses (2006)

Were that i the one that died in place of you
Rather then prematurely paralyzed by you
Would you have worn your grief like laurels bestowed upon you
This useless gravity still felt by all but you

You know that i wouldn't mind, i must have lied a thousand times
And how i wanted to die just to sanctify my strife
And as that i'm being honest, this is all that i wanted most of the time

Could i offer up the years i spent resenting you
For the nine years of my life that went to lay with you
On the ground above you i'd lie, so solemnly contrite
And i can finally forgive you, for everytime you saved my life
We may have both came unwanted, but you were all that she wanted most of the time

Through all the years i casually exploited you
And still it never occured to me i was approaching you
Or that the last six years of my life were overtaking you
With an indifference divine
My life down i will lie, you were only a kid then,
Just one of god's stolen children
Blessed with less time

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On Stolen Children by Parenthetical Girls

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