Heart Wings

Top of My Lungs

by PJ Simas

on Heart Wings (2012)

Uh huh
I'm supposed to be in class right now but uh, I feel like singing for you, hey

Say I dont know if
You can hear me my dear but
Imma sing this out loud and clear
At the top of my lungs x2
Imma sing for you til you fall in love
Ill be like
La la la la x3
Til you fall in love

Hey babe hey babe this my serenade
Girl you got me crushin like i'm in the 7th grade
Ever since the first time you caught my eye
The thought of you and i ain't never left my mind
You so fine i swear you're something out a dream
To have you by my side all mine girl i'd do anything
And i ain't talkin bout no fling
This is the real thing
For you i've got that type of loving coming few and far between
And i just wanna live it, i just wanna give it
My agenda i wanna fill it, with you every minute
Cuz girl you be killin me in those glasses with them black rims
No lens black tights black heels alright
Looks killin all night with your body rockin you never stopping
Got everybody in the place just watching
Every time im talking you be the topic
And i know i ain't even met you
But girl imma have you fallin in love soon yea

Early morning king bed baby let's just
Let the world run we can love all day long
Slowly get to whippin up a little breakfast
You be cookin with only my crewneck sweater on
Livin is sweet when i got all that i need
You plus me, sounds better than all the 88 keys
No combo of guitar strings could ever strum out a beat
That could match the way that i feel for you girl you best believe
RIP ya you be killin me how you takin over my mind
You got that type of body man i know the lord designed
Ooh girl, and how i wanna get to know it
Take it out and treat it right and squeeze it tight and hold
And never letting go, love you better know
Ill be the man through episodes to make you feel incredible
Hey, and i know i ain't even met you
But imma have you fallin in love soon yea

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On Top of My Lungs by PJ Simas

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