Oscar oghenekaro

King of Da South - REMIX

by Oscar oghenekaro


This is a really special moment
I got my brother Jaga
Cass Lyn Had to come make this Remix hot
I'd sure appreciate that Baby
Queen Epi had to come support a Brother
But wait a minute
If i'm not a king, then why would I say I am ?
Well let this speak for itself And handle me accordingly
Jaga Jones !
Whats happening Dawg ?
You know wassup now
Ciza shuooo !

Rap 1 ( Jaga Jones )

Wait lemme tell you what I'm all about
I'm not a king, I'm a God
See I run the south
Fake Niggas only thing running Mehn is their mouths
Body don dey shark you (sharki) madam give me round about
See I'm the truth but like sleeping dogs I watch them lie
No shots on target and you're balling Nigga ? you no dey try !
And you know what it is?
I don't die, I multiply
Them stay there dey claim dope when I sniff I no gree Hi
So I just take that gold spot though I prefer limca
You like take that spot back right ? mehn no think am
You say you sabi flow titanic Shey ? me I go sink am
If I choose to pour my heart out Mehn shey you go drink am?
Coz it's been alot And I've been through alot
You wanna know why i'm so hard ?

It's Jones!

Rap 2 ( Oscarmeman )

What other brother you know from the south doesn't smoke nor drink But he's still a "G" ?
I keep it Real anytime
I'm still the freshest after fight
I'm legit still a threat at the same time
Got the heart of a lion
Still I'm a man of RESPECT
Spent months in jail But no heard about it
I swear me and Em ain't fit to compare
Coz they know nothing about the King Codes
I'm as Real as it Gets
I'm one of a kind
No fake, No flaw
I'm straight like that
I bet you've never seen this ?
So whatever category you putting Em
Take me Out
Coz I'm the Exception
But it's not so much who i am as what i am
Epitome tell Em who is me
Who is you chilling with ?

Hook 1 ( Epitome )

King of the South
Me rolling with the king of da south
Yeah the king of da south
Me rolling with the king of the south

Rap 3 ( Lil Bt )

I'm super cool but people love to mistake me
I'm going easy but suckers em wanna stake me
Real talk I'm a King & there's no mistaken
Look beyond that's Oscar me man elevating
I got the Rage too, i arrange tools
You kicking rah rah to me
I wave you bye bye
Picture me as unhappy or even call me sadist ( The Fact is )
I don't care what category y'all place me
I've been called lots of names lately
Yes I act strange sometimes but you still can't change me
Coz 2PAC taught me fake G can't stop a G
I don't care if you come to me with cops
But first check my Bros car plates
B4 you come to me with a fork
So excuse me if I don't get the chance to kiss the hand that slapped me in the face ! Ay I'm just a Man.... But

Rap 4 ( Cass Lyn )

I am fidelity, I bet you notice ?
Down with the case, I'mma get to it
So Engrossed with the truth, I Don't lie
You gat to pee with that
Don't tell me about it
Got to check time, waiting for number one
Got the mirror in front of me to see what I've become
Back to the base line, i know where i'm from
And i'll be chilling with the King
Yeah you know where him from, Up from the south
Tell me who's Realer ? When he's up with the beat, He's the number one killer ( Oscar )
Talk about the hustle, Never late to deliver flows at the top Not the bottom of the River
Don't try to understand me
Coz you won't, Coz i'm the city Boss
Wanna underestimate me ?
Don't Nigga , coz we most Favourable ! You get ?

Hook 2 ( Kot's )

I'm the king of da south
I'm the King Of Da South
The feeling they got for me it's just Like 4 + 4
But I'm the King of Da South, Tega these Niggas is all hype
I'm the King Of Da South
I speak the truth, they just get high And say what the fuck they feel like
I'm the king of da South
Best believe that

Rap 5 ( Lil bt )

Ooh you not feeling ME ?
Fine It will cost you nothing
Pay Me No Mind
I'm @the point where I don't even care if people like me anymore
If you like me, Cool..
If you don't, Okay !
But first lemme talk to all of you, one more time
Why y'all speaking Nigglish or should I say gliblish ? (archaic)
Coz on a Real I don't Get !
You say I'm wacky but how come you do promo for me without getting paid ?
I just tell it how it is, why all of you keep telling stories, well answer this
What does it mean when you come from the bottom ? Well
I think it means I'm chosen

Rap 6 ( Epitome )

Yeah thinking about the games that we never won ( Huh )
Thinking about the race we were scared to run ( Run )
Think about F,f And f !
Family, fans, And friends waiting for you to bring the trophy home
I'm the lady so i come first
Still the same for the ladies when we go down on the bed text
Rappers lining for the star quest
Competition for the next
I was going to win the contest
Mama say make i go school
No tweet, no gram, no skype
Make i face book !
Got the fish with the big hook
And i'd be ready to bum bum to bum bum Facebook ( Yeah )
Me rooling with the king of the south ( Yeah )
Me rolling with the king of da star
The guy got swag, The guy got style ( Hate or Learn it )
Me rolling with the king of The South
The nigga so fly ( flyer )
Nah you cannot denine
The nigga got SWAG, He gat style, He Got, He got the Liner

Hook 3 ( Kot's )

I'm the king of da south , I'm the king of da South
I enter whatever storm
Make it out without a bruise
I'm the king of da south
Brother be calm And Listen
I'm the King Of Da South
Why ? coz I'm Real And they not
Their wacky jokes deserve choir ( ha ha )
Coz they just bunch of wacky liars
I'm the king of da South


I wanna make this official But first lemme clear some issues
To be honest, i want everybody to win, I truly do
I want everybody to be unified
But at the end of the day some brothers all about them oneself
Wia sa to ta obukome je me yia kpo baro
But when there is a violation, there must be a demonstration
That's how we rool in Waff town
It's Rejected Gang Homie
Oscar Oghenekaro
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