We Should Hang

We Should Hang

by Oliver Moody

on We Should Hang (2021)

Hang out some time x4
We should

(Verse 1 - Oliver Moody)

My Name Oliver my nigga
Im keeping it suave but whatever comes first
Im killing these tracks yeah im giving it work
Hand me the mic and im going beserk
And if you not hip boo im suave
D.C. shit I rep all day
You dont want no smoke cause i got an array
Just quit it man, you a cliche ay
Denzel im Infinite
All my friends hittin it
No thing as virginity, question my brilliancy
Three guys a trinity give my sanguinity
I want these haters out of my vicinity
Destroy her felinity like im a beast
Women the reason chivalry's deceased
I tell 'em word just like im a priest
Thats the reason my respect has decreased
Hundred thousand on the Visa
Drive you around like delivering pizza
Take you to Dunkin then do some donuts
I feel like Icky when he got cold cuts
She said
"Look Ma, no hands"
And no darling i dont dance
Im with concept, yea im concept
I think i deserve a chance
I confessed my Love to you
Then you act like you ain't knew
Then you wanna change the deal
Girl, i swear that you ain't real
I keep on moving and moving that flow
Just a romantic if you didn't know
And ima catch you right down at the store
So, heres something im'a propose...

We should hang out sometime (sometime)
Im all ears, tell me whats on your mind (on your mind)
We should hang out sometime (sometime)
I got twenty dollars i think we should be fine (think we should be fine) X2

(Verse 2 - Blonde Larry)

They calling me larry, im poppy
These women want top me, im getting the sloppy
Dont run in my lobby, im feeling like mosby
My women be cozy, but sometimes im loney
She love when i call her my baby but sometimes be crazy
Um fuck you, just pay me
She looking so good wearing under that ???
Im running like lacey, been ducking the mainstream
Suck on my kids if you with it, im wearing a fitted
And stacking my digits cause i got a vision
These niggas dont listen
Murder the pussy im OJ simpson
And she look like a snack can i ask for your friend?
Cause I got a friend, he got money to spend
And she rocking new clothes now she following trends
Calling up ollie, cause we tryna leg and
She rap in my ear but its fuck what you said
All in my ear saying she just a leg and i tell her thats facts now she want me off debt
Bitches be trippin buts thats nothing new
Im a savage and she send a demon in stu
Nigga be eating, im eating the stew
And im fucking these bitches count cash with my crew


(Verse 3 - Juanson)
Ayo, Its Jaunson
We walking we saucin
We pull up on bitches, we make em fell nauseous
Me and my niggas get top like some muffins
And girl you a turkey and i got the stuffing
Now me and her flirting, proceeding with caution
We both like eachother, we texting and talking
They say that im legging, but really its nothing
My ex girl found out and she huffing and puffing like
Damn, she got salty
She read every letter and
All of your gossip ain't making it better but
I feel you i know that you under the weather
Lets cuddle and chill, baby i make it better
Im spitting my poems and making you wetter
I think you the one but we met in september lets
Just chill for a moment, but youre feeling on my stomach
And my abs are looking toned, and your smirk is kinda showing
And your face is looking perfect now i see where this is going
I swear ill treat you right girl, there will never be another



We should hang out sometime (sometime)
Im all ears, tell me whats on your mind (on your mind)
We should hang out sometime (sometime)
I got twenty dollars i think we should be fine
We should

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