Ocean Beats


by Ocean Beats

Hold me for the moment
I don't trust nobody

Feel me, no no you dont owe me, so tryna be my homie
Please know you don't owe me, you don't owe me

Flexibilty, we're living in a society
Everbody telling me they got money, economy, it's flexibility, everybody telling me that i'm sixteen years something
So amazing called ability
Yeah, i'm at ya'll, i'll stay here for a while
Dodging all your attacks and your, comments what a while
Wonder why you say this about me
Probably out of jealousy cause your not a friend to me
No, i'm not standing here just why you smile at me?
Cause i know that it's affected, no emotion haunt me
You don't know, everybody wants to hold me close
I know you want me more but, i can't stay for longer
You can have this soul but, you been hanging oh
Better stay out of this trouble
Please you don't know me
You can't tell me what i'm thinking or who i should be
My feelings are mine, don't tell me
Please don't dictate anything you want
Because everybody knows that, this payment is not up front
You ain't being honest
This is about trust, relationships are built upon trust
Everybody telling me it's about us
So telling me that you wanna be me
Cause i'm the best character
I run the chat that everybody tell me that i got it
I'ma ride on through cause i know you (2x)

Find me cause, find me cause i'm lost
Find me cause, find me cause i'm lost but
Find me cause i'm lost but you don't know it suck
You can't read me, don't tell me who i am
Cause you don't know me, you don't know me

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On Trash by Ocean Beats

By Richard K


Was it the song you were looking for? No

I am looking for 70s song! Come down sally .... please dont tell you dont know its saddest day or its saturday
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