OG Kid Frost


by OG Kid Frost

Yo this is really a trip, man
It's even a trip {i'm gonna hear?}
I think i'll fire up the funk with my man kid frost
Mary jane x4
[Verse 1]
Man i'm stoned cold in love
With this [honey] named mari
And every single night
It's like me and her we party
Let me drop a 4-1-1
For those who claim they know me
I'm not the jealous type
For i share mari's with my homies
Shes the type of girl that makes ya feel good
Real good, like a real lover should
And she never complains and talks back
Shes right up the block
Yo, picks her up
And she's neatly wrapped and ready
All of us steady
We been going on now for the past 13 years
Yeah its a long time for a relationship
I takes her when I roll
Cause yo, I like the way she trips
Now what you wanna say about that
You can't stand the fact
That i'm getting over like a fat rat
I heard tonight yo, theres a party
If your down, call me up homes
And i'll hook you up with mari
Shes mary jane
Ooohh she loves to party
My mary jane
[Verse 2]
My people on the spot
The hoods with me now
Cause they want in on the fun
I guess its the sheer essence of a presence
That got my homies on the block hitting hard all day
But thats the type of game the she plays on a vato
{A ghost of 11?} yo' the next thing she got you
Feeling all light in the head
In a daze, with your eyes all red
And she ain't afraid to 2 time that ass
She [choop?] and get in the pocket
Of the man with all the cash then dash
To the other side of town
Mari's got a whole lot of love to spread around
Calling me now so i'm a go and get her
Cause I know that you never met her
But you better be down to party
Her she is, I said meet my home girl mari
Shes mary jane
Ooohh, and we love to throw down
My mary jane
Shes mary jane
Ooohh, she loves to party
My mary jane
[Verse 3]
Man I can't believe this girl mary jane
Has put such a big affect on my brain
In the south side they calling her the chronic
Yeah, they call her lots of names
But it don't matter they still want it
Any chance they get
Huffing and puffing
Talking about, oooh thats the shit
So let me get a hit and get slow
As I [cruise around up in the big boom phan?]
But thats how we kicks it in the {soux?}
And that how we kick it out on tour
And if theres 1 thing that I know for sure
Is mari's love is 100 percent pure
So come on baby lights my fire
Cause your love gets me more higher
I can't describe what you do to my body
And no matter what girl i'll always love you mari
My mary jane
Ooohh, and I love ya baby
My mary jane
Talking bout mary jane
She's a superfreak

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