Drill Commandments


by OFB

on Drill Commandments (2021)

[Verse 1: Double Lz]
Bro got chest he a bullseye(Boom)
When he saw it was red like a bullseye(Bow)
Come a long way from school fights
Now I just jump out the ride make corn fly
KMT they quote life
Pop up blast a .45
Open the chest no Fortnite
They ain't come back in over a fortnight
[Verse 2: Bandokay]
They ain't come back in two weeks
We ain't throwing no corn from[?]
Ay bro slid out of the Hoopty
Truthfully he ain't tryna slap no groupie
But he's slapping it off, anyone lack he's packing em off
Bro with the dots he's tapping it off
Bow, bow, clapping it off(Bop, bop)
[Verse 3: Double Lz]
How many times did we did it, bro rise it and fling it infront of civilians(Ayy who)
Jump out the 5 door civic
Last time that we did it bro caught him a chinging(Blow)
Step in the ride with the biggest
Spinning and drilling I'm hoping it hit em(Big)
Big ting, kick him
Free bro S done unlimited chingings

[Verse 4: Bandokay]
Bro slapped at him, I'm tryna get man's neck back(Ayy, Ayy)
Fire, fire, touching a minor's an instant Get Back
Bun after bun make you tek that
Convert Bando need tek chat
Do what I want big man just respect that
Sit him down wet that clart man's head back
Wap comes dark as Jet Black
[Verse 5: Double Lz]
Got me waving my hand in the air, make man disappear, but I ain't no wizard(Haha)
But we stay with sticks like witches, circle around where the fuck these niggas (Where they at)
Causing collisions, the audience witness, run a man down for my siblings(I will)
Real [?] give you shivers, boop boop hop back in the dingers
[Verse 6: Bandokay]
And if you talk on my name best come with some facts bro
Tell em lean back like Fat Joe
Call him a bird or afro
We hold green in the field like ascro
Glizzy and B getting burn like hash smoke
Bro hit his back bro
Take that backroad
Hitting the booth this tracks cold
[Verse 7: Double Lz]
Come, Come, Come pick up your bredrin
You left him, leaving your friends unaccepted
My steppers are reckless anyone gets this bug no infection
Dottys, FNs, West'n, trip on your block get severed
We stepped him, flexes straight if you reach for my necks

[Verse 8: Bandokay]
Bro say drill like the devil
Young black rebel
No we can't settle
Took man's eye start kettle
Stingy no metal
Bag gang sell these pedals
Bag it and sell these pebbles
Rip through skin and show man levels
Rip through skin and show ****
[Verse 9: Double Lz]
Bro got the farm all lit
You ever been on stage tryna spoke your flick
How many times we risen a stick
Bro banged off the ting and aired at that strip
Slap off the masher won't stop til it pings
If you know what I mean real gunman bits
Spun that whip and they ran real quick
Ever been in a ride tryna turn man spliff
[Verse 10: Bandokay]
Yo, energy, energy
I hope you remember me
They got pops laid back in the cemetery
Sip on rays and pour some Hennessy
Bro locked in the wing like Tennessee
Lz hopped out and got there ahead of me
There's only one Bando they copy my damn flow
Right know this bludclart telling me

[Verse 11: Double Lz]
Gully creeper
Want a beater
All lights out like Fifa
Waps in drawers and eater
You ever got heat and stepped with a heater
Jump out the car then skeet fast
Me, I ain't runnin watch a bullet just keep up
You ain't never seen no bigmatic meter
The corn gon tek out your hair and [?]
[Verse 12: Bandokay]
I won't pay for no onlyfans
But I'll pay for straight only man
And my broski tease he still wants man duppy
Girl on the net we don't know these man
I want a big crib, you should know me fam
Guns, bells, drugs, girls
My opps are broke it's only gang

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