O.T. Genasis

Funk Flex Freestyle

by O.T. Genasis

[Verse 1]
My mama said, "Never go out after nine"
Fuck that time cause I had me a nine
Watched a homie cook that zone in the kitchen
.357 with a nose like Pippen
I always asked, "Can I go to my granny house?"
It's easier to sell 'em bags out the candy house
I never had time for my bitch cause I'm gone
Out with the homies so she think I'm doin' wrong
She say, "Be careful cause they might hit you up"
I'm lookin' at this bitch like I don't give a fuck
Burner on my hip, yeah, the life of a thug
All my homies bang, I just wanna sell drugs
My homie locked up, puffin' nigga in the room
The way this shit goin', shit, I might seem soon
Rubber grip, hollow tip, .44 Mag'
Brains outta pocket, make 'em look like it's red
[Verse 2]
Got so many hoes on my dick now
Thirsty, yeah, I'm the shit now
Plug said, "Thirty for a brick now"
All the cash in my pocket can't fit now
Big chain, one ring, one watch
Fuck one, lick one, one watch
When it comes to pimpin', I'm a veteran
Ain't the most attractive but I got hella bands
See me in the club, that nigga
With at least two hoes, Jack Tripper
Dick in her mouth, she gon' swallow
She gon' do anything for a baller
Uh, now she losin'
All this bread got her best friend choosin'
Been starin' at me, no, they ain't cool
But Imma really fuck her now cause they ain't cool
Dark ass nigga, I don't give a fuck
Dog ass nigga, motherfucker rough
Go hard, no pass
And if you drive out here, you gettin' no gas
They like me, they like me
I don't love 'em, I'm just actin', where's Spike Lee?
Moral of the story is I got hoes, in different area codes

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On Funk Flex Freestyle by O.T. Genasis

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