Calm Seas Don'T Make Sailors

No Guns, No Roses, Just Axl

by Foreknown

on Calm Seas Don'T Make Sailors (2005)

Our hearts die like autumn leaves.
Our tongues are awful traders tonight,
and our eyes they only deceive.
Our mouths are only an open grave
to bury our heart and soul.
We say I do, and I love you,
with the same mouth used to destroy.
You call me out and, you call me back,
I'm just a dead man walking.
Let the dead be dead tonight.
Look at the stars and see the moon
in all its pale blue light.

The autumn leaves, they float and flutter
and never fall far away,
but the heart of man in another tale,
maybe it'll return someday.
You've called me out, and I came back,
I was never that far from you.
I just forgot how much love was there,
and what I had to do.