by Nimar

I think it's so fucking stupid
This diapered baby named cupid
Man I be dodging an dodging
While he be shooting and shooting
I went from losing to winning
1 week and 10 types of women
I'm getting realer and realer
While they still fake I'm still grinning
She might be foreign to you
But shit to me she domestic
I'd rather fuck me an import
A derrière with some chest bitch
Shit fuck yo couch up in Greystone
Killing it with the cartel
She treats the club Just like a home
Her import skin look like caramel
And I might lick it up
Shit cuz I ain't tied down
And that pussy taste like water
I might die and drown
We up in the club like fuck love
I don't need that shit
But you need this dick
Get on your knees right quick
And just suck my......

Hey Moolah, who is that?

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On ALgOaVpEé! by Nimar

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