Stay Who You Are

Save me

by Nick Howard

on Stay Who You Are (2013)

Well it's been three long years since we broke down
I've been trying to climb back since
And it's been 3 long years since I saw your face
You're ike a photo I can't keep
I've been trying to hard to let my hair down
But the feelings won't let go
I even heard our song today on the radio, you know
I asked my doctor can you cure this disease
He said he's trying, doesn't like what he sees
As the days turn to weeks and the weeks go by
She's the one thing on my mind
I've been trying so hard to forget her
But it's just a waste of time
Someone save me, save me from myself
I keep waiting
Need someone to save me right now
I've been trying my best to keep moving
The worst part is standing still
I can't help but wonder what you're doing
Do you think of me at all
Can anybody help me, I'm a man without a cause
I have fallen down with my face on the ground
I need saving before I do more
… is there anybody there
Have I called a broken number, does anybody hear
All I need, is a helping hand…
Someone to save me I'm a broken man

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On Save me by Nick Howard

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