The Ultimate Rap

The Ultimate Rap

by Nice & Nasty 3

on The Ultimate Rap (1980)

Say what?

Check it out party people in the place to be
You're now listening to the sounds of the Nice & Nasty 3
We're three MCs rocking back to back
And we're down by law, and that's a fact
Well I'm the super love guy, you can call me Mexi-Ray
Now the bass for hotties, apple pie, Chevrolet
Now I'm MC Terry T, the Kid Supreme
Now when I'm rockin' to the rhythm ladies see what I mean
Well my name is Dave but you can call me Charlie D
Cause I rock to the rhythm to the end of the week
Now we're the Nice & Nasty 3 and we're on the go
And we're rappin' with a touch of class disco
Yo yo, harmonize the sound, synchronize the beat
Make you do the dance, make you do the freak
Make you get on up, out yo' seat
DJ Willy Woods, let's go G, Mellow B

If you came to this party cause you wanna swing, somebody say
It ain't no thing (It ain't no thing)
It ain't no thing (It ain't no thing)
I keep rockin' the house
If you wanna hear the beat that just won't quit
Somebody say it's 'The Ultimate' (It's 'The Ultimate')
It's the cold crush (It's the cold crush)
I keep rockin' the house
Cause we're the Nice & Nasty 3 as you can see
And I'm on I'm on (I'm on cha on)
Keep rockin' till the break of dawn
So hey brothers, listen to me today
Now as we tell you 'bout the problems in the USA
Now with prices going higher and people complain
While your old paycheck just ain't the same
Now with prices going higher and higher it seems
Well it looks like you'll never reach American dreams
To own a house and car and luxuries
Live like a dream might never come to be
Cause you work all day, that's no jive
The hours you keep are 9 to 5
Every day, every day, tryin' to make a dime
Yes, I forgot, there's always crime!
Inflation, folks reach drug addictions
Tax cutbacks through your politicians
No matter if you live, no matter if you die
All the government wants is a piece of the pie
So get it on girl
Girl get it on, get it on
Girl, you gotta get it on
Not talking 'bout Gump, talkin' 'bout T
With the Terry in front, what you got for me

[Terry T]
Now just open your eyes and clean out your ears
Because here's one thing that I want you to hear
Now I'm down with the school, I'm very sure
I got the rhymes galee, I got the rhymes galore
Now I can rock to the beat with no obligation
Cause I got the one thing, called determination
I'll do my job, and I'll do it clean
Cause I'm MC Terry T, the Kid Supreme
I got rings on my finger, got gold around my neck
Plus I have the tendency to put the ladies in check
I'm like a jazzy young lady with a nice complexion
Cause I give love with all my affection
I'm MC Terry T, I got a lot of pizazz
And I rank number one in my social class
Now I'm down with the school that always steals the show
I'm down with a touch of class disco
To Mexi-Ray every phrase, every single word
Hook-hook it up just like a mockingbird
Terry T every phrase I will repeat
Like a tape recorder or a parakeet
Yes yes y'all (Yes yes y'all)
To the beat y'all (To the beat y'all)
Now Mexi-Ray, you got fame, and plenty of wealth
Won't you get on the mic and introduce yourself?

Well I'm Mexi-Ray
Turn stone into clay
And I'm always on your scene
I got money in my pocket, a watch and a locket
Plus the color of my money is green
Well I'm a cool cucumber
The first and only number when it comes to rapping the rap
I got a office and a desk and my fingers do the rest
And a secretary on my lap
Cause my blocks are rocked, my neighborhood's good
Fellas, my chilly girls act like they should
Everybody's somebody, clowns ain't down
Got the uptown sound coming by the pound
Young ladies, we rock all year round
All year round, all night long
Fly girls, fly guys, rock on and on
Go up on your heels, down on your toes
Stay after school, learn how it goes
That's the new dance, don't know its name
Everybody's doing it all the same
You go, everybody's doing it, doing it, doing it
Do-do it, do it you don't quit
After 3 MCs rap to The Ultimate
Charlie D, my mellow fellow, when you're ready to rock
Just get on the mic, start to hip hop

[Charlie D]
Go hip, hop, thanks a lot
Charlie D, you see, I'm gonna rock the spot
Cause I'm the new cowhand from the Rio Grande
Like a Jessie James, another Sunday Sam
I walk around with two six-shooters
I don't ride a horse but a motor scooter
To other cowpokes I am a stranger
They gave me the name of a lone lone ranger
I wear a white hat and a black ol' mask
I jump on my scooter, step on the gas
I ride all over the plains you see
The other cowboys, they know me
Cause when they see me coming, they step aside
When some of them didn't then all of them died
Cause I am the fastest gun in the west
And when it comes to lovin' I am the best
I rock the cowgirls from east to west
Right to left because I am the best
And if you are a cowgirl just give me the check
And go wham, bam, thank you ma'am!

The other MCs don't understand
The other MCs begin to curse
Good God, unh
Until it hurts
Right from the fire into the pan
It looks so good hoo-wee shazam
You look so fine
You look so cute
You make us want to traaaaaansmute!


You want it
You got it
Now ain't no doubt about it
Because it makes you wanna move
It sounds so very smooth
It makes, it makes, it makes, it makes, it makes you wanna groove
On it's on it's on it's on
Like hot butter on say what (The popcorn!)
Like hot butter on say what (The popcorn!)
Like the little radio just a'playin' the song
Like the British walkin' shoes and my new nylons
It's like a whisper singin' on and on
So listen up, love, how we end our song
Well one day our rhymes didn't rock
So we started to hip-hop
Go hip, hop, hip hip hop
A-dibbeh, a dibby dop and you don't dare stop
First you rock and you roll
And then you roll and you rock
And then you rock it to the beat and you don't dare stop
Then you rockin' to the rhythm
Rockin' to the beat
Rockin' to the beat that sounds so sweet
Because the sounds that you hear make me go to all your other MCs
Lo and behold
Lo and behold and just move aside
Cause the Nice & Nasty 3 gonna take you for a ride
Take you for a ride
All around the world
Rock all the boys
Rock all the girls
Rock everybody in the house tonight
And good God baby doll gonna do it right
That's right, unh
We can't
We won't
We don't stop that body rock
Keep on 'till the sure shot
So Mexi-Ray hah, it's at your own risk
Pick up the mic and don't you dare miss

Fly girls, unh, better than my mom
Or a close encounter of the best kind
Hey y'all I like you all
Come pretty come tall
Come cute come small
Everyone I like, hunh, everyone I love
I have the best when push comes to shove
If by chance I can dance let the girls believe
I'm a superstar with a trick up my sleeve
Schemed as a tot, dreamed when I'm hot
Guaranteed to be the best pick in the lot
And to put the sure back in my shot
We get along great, always chill hard
Cozy like two peas in a pod
Be a little cryin', mostly laughter
Get along happily ever after
Terry T, unh, ain't nothin' to it
Get on your mic
Just do-do it

[Terry T]
Do-do it
Do-do it
And you know you got to get to it
And you know you got to get to it
And you know when you know
And you know when you know
And you know when you got to do-do it
I'm gonna do it to the rhythm
Do it to your mind
Do it to the rhythm say one more time
So get down, party people, stop messing around
You got the Nice & Nasty 3 just lurkin' around
Just kick off your shoes
Relax your socks
Well I'm MC Terry T, just a-ready to rock
I'm gonna rock your mind, your body and soul
And just the ladies gonna put you into total control
Now I'm six-foot-flat, got it just like that
With all the young ladies yelling up my back
So to all you fly girls don't you look so mean
While you listen to the voice of the Kid Supreme
Charlie D, my mellow fellow got a lot of respect
So won't you get on the mic and and put the crowd in check

[Charlie D]
Check it out check
Check check us out
MC Charlie D gonna rock the house
I'm gonna rock the house, gonna rock the place
Cold crush y'all with the funky bass
Cause I'm the C-H-A-R-L-I-E
The ever-lover boy, prince of whoopee
They call me Charlie D and I'm rockin' the house
Cold crush ya much and gonna turn it out
I rock the head but don't think about stopping
The rhythm of the beat that old punk rockin'
Rockin' to the beat make you make you jump for joy
Charlie D, you see, cause I'm the ever-lover boy
Check it out, and
We can't stop, we won't stop
That body rocks a cool B!

Come on and get with it (Mellow B)
Come on and get with it (Willie Will)
Come on and get with it (Disco G)
Come on and get with it (Terry T)
Come on and get with it (Charlie D)
Come on and get with it (Mexi-Ray)
Come on and get with it (Saigo)
Come on and get with it (Easy Deck)
Come on and get with it (Pumpkin)
Come on and get with it
Get with it
Get with it
Get with it
Get with it
He's Apollo 1, he's in the house
He can rock the party from north to south
He can rock the party from south to north
Hey, all I know, he always can talk
You go round and round and round we go
You go round and round and round we go
You go round and round and round we go
When it stops, nobody knows
You go round and round and round we go
You go round and round and round we go (Everybody everybody)
You go round and round and round we go
When it stops, nobody knows

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On The Ultimate Rap by Nice & Nasty 3

By Ina yatullutviyah


Guys, iam looking for a song but I only remember this part "i'm pretty sure that you are the one because you only stay my mind"
Can you please help me, what is the tittle of this song and who's the singer?? I was frustrated to find out.. Huhu
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