Therapy Session

No Limit

by Nathan Baya

on Therapy Session (2019)

Verse 1 : Nathan Baya
I don't write bars I write life sentences
And I have no pity when I'm sentencing with my sentences
Like a racist judge has no issue sending a black man to life
I sentence y'all to mine
And even accapela
I rhyme to your heart beat
And make my music your life line
Every album is a how come
He made it out the struggle ?
Cause I learn to hustle
I was 15 coming out of Tobermory
15 barely knew how to writes 16's
Now look at the kid
At 15 first cheque 20
At 20 last cheque 500$
Rap money turn to crack money
The whole game flipped
I was taught play the game
Don't get played by it
I did it independent
Did my own shows
Book my own people
You loco
If you think imma stay
Imma go global and own it all
The sky not the limit
Not even the universe
When I write a verse
You verse me your curse
I'm a product of my environment
So never would I flood my own
Environment with the wrong product
Y'all drop crack on your own strip
Turn your own block into zhombies
I might be bout peace like Ghandi
But I'm bout war like X I refuse to rest
I will make everyday a struggle for you
My rhymes are to complex
These days I say less and do more
Donate to the homeless
Donate to where home is
Donate so kids can go see black panther cause represation matters
That's why when I speak I represent royalty and my royalty ain't fiction like wakanda it's realer
Than the love Tchalaa had for Nikeah
And baby girl you can be my Nakiah I'll be your Tchalaa
We can be old school like nokea
Lowkey I got an idea
Let me renovate your heart like IKEA
Put me in, put God and that's all you need
I need a good woman to turn my hustle into success I wanna give you a house and watch you turn it into a home I wanna buy groceries and watch you make it into food
That's just the life I wanna live

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On No Limit by Nathan Baya

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