Blue Chalk

by Nasaa


Six goonies in that 2 door
Look bored, dormant with 40s in front of food store
I'm a loser type of nuisance since them diapers
With a convoluted doobie, scared stupid in a visor
Devil fuck the Prada swinging a Katana
Stacking stanzas while I'm staggered drunk, bladder full of lager
I'll split a purse and burn a purchase in a week
I'm sorry mama I needed that Applebees that I'm never attending
NA,SAA six and we trending
Astronauts forget us not while our hype is extending
Type to pen for no pension
Been a menace since the 7th bud tucked in that stud's tattered hand me down denim
Dead pup better rush him to the vet
Fed sirens, hide the tech, silent but Prime's violent and living life on the edge

Dial tone or my vitals, hear my screams from any frequency
The ocean rose a tidal, peers sink inside of secrecy
Please believe a hermits a myth, hopped out the cave look who he's with
The super six, stalactites drip and now I flow like hallow tips
That pierce through skin (and never end) and make this fucking vortex spin
The matrix bends where space exists or was that just a sloppy trip
Your consciousness is contraband
They hold that shit inside their hand
Then crush it down in grains of sand
That's twenty dollars for a gram
You think you can I think you won't
You blink and pan I drink and smoke
You preach and stand I rig the vote
You leach to land I fucking float
With fucking ghost the locusts hatch
To watch me start this avalanche
Cause 8 will never fucking end(and) or was it just an ampersand
To understand then over think can leave you standing at the sink
With bloodshot eyes and yellow teeth you realize that it's been a week
You couldn't breath or even see and all you know was just a dream
You blinked twice then you scream and now you're tearing at the seems

[James Rott]
I'm relaxed on a shore, this time I'm not touring
Corona in hand, the dread it is snoring
My mind is still open, the blue chalk is drawing
I'm breaking away and resisting the yawning
This vision, the calm epicenter of two hemispheres
It can see through the fears, beyond that black smoke
That blankets the blind and in a short time disappears
From the seers, I'm seeing clear, lightyears ahead of the peers
One must walk to the end of the pier to notice the sea
That flows so infinitely, imminently
The body's a vessel, the soul is eternal
And death is a word that has no other value
For those who can say their relation to you
Or the universe, Neptune or Jupiter's
Equal to Juniper's romance with European cuisine
Brain full of dopamine, don't you mean
Igniting the greens? No siry, just hoping you'll see
I'm a little crazy, your vision is hazy
Will you just please consider the scene before a conclusion?
Evolution's an evil illusion, damaged your brain
Without a contusion, cells are infusing
Explosions confusing, making you think
That they are the demons, the heathen I am
For challenging Eden, elude from the grid
Robotics are freeing, do not be cycloptic
I foresee the tropics, but only if cockpits
Are open, now STOP IT

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