Nacho Picasso

Smells Like Lean Spirit

by Nacho Picasso

[Verse 1: Avatar Darko]
Welcome to the Genesis, it's like a Sega trip
b*tch your pus*y smell like the dirty part of the Vegas strip
But we Seattle boys, that grunge rock, that Pearl Jam
Same stuff that the Mad Hatter was whipping up in Alice in Wonderland
Got me in some random crib with this no-name nympho
I think she's trying to find love, must be Cobain's widow
But I read between the lines, call it cocaine lingo
I'm like Fedor in his prime
You just a homemade Kimbo
Yeah, smells like lean spirit and I'm homesick
Zone trip off that foam juice
My phone dead so don't text sh*t
Heard my old b*tch got a boyfriend
What a poor guy, cause I showed her the dark side
My pops told me to never lie
Need another upper because I'm coming down
Like the tears of a soldiers' war cry
Crows fly like the bullets up out my 4-5
And I'm stoned wide, doing 85
On the freeway with a blown tire
And every ramp is closed so I'm just zoning out like Nero
In 64 N.O. ???
You ain't a bride, you hooker b*tch
Go pencil dive off the Brooklyn Bridge
Cause you a Coney ho and I'm holy pawn
Always poured, my Stoli cold
Never stole your role but my brother told me
Keep a 40 and my thang hot
b*tch you know I bare arms
Like Yogi in a tank-top

I pour up that
Murder, Murder
Smoke on that
Murder, Murder
Growed up in
Murder, Murder
Blacked out, it's
Murder Murder

Smells like lean spirit

[Verse 2: Nacho Picasso]
Illuminati taking credit for the pyramids
I ain't possessed, I guess I'm just mean spirited
Michael Jackson, kid to kid, now spin pirouette
No log-in, but be popping on the internet
Zombie head, deep throat
Rotting in her inner neck
Looking down I'm just a speck
I should've took a bigger step
Sold your soul for FILA sweats
I went and sought a bigger check
Now f*ck the disrespect
I empty clips at empty threats
Rasheed Wallace, if you're foul, I'll get plenty techs
Hit you with that fat gal, ow
Call her Mia X
I got my city on my back like I'm atlas
I'm no Django but I get a lot of backlash
Jaws of life from your wife like a bad crash
No whip lash, sh*t I just whip ass
Smart enough to skip grades, but I skip class
Do 'em like Sherman did Skip Bayless b*tch ass


[Outro: Nacho Picasso]

First my city missed Nirvana
Then my city missed the Sonics
But my city still up on it
Legalized our marijuana
Light green, orange hairs, chronic look like Blanka
We be balling like Ibaka, baby mommas from Sri Lanka

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