Know me

by NBM

My ideas keep me up at night, make me wish I had more might
Not giving a fuck about your plight because this is about my fight
Like the MH370 when it took off out of sight
People still waiting for it to surface to light
You don't know what it's like
To hold on to something of delight
To be the only one who can see that and be like
This is my time, but I'll never make it
Because these voices in my head have already awakened
Telling me to put the mic down and walk away
When the fuck have you ever done something extraordinary?

I want to break out of this shell of self-despair
Like Mcgregor before he fell to Mayweathers spare
Leaving a legacy like America's democracy when they hear about another country's atrocities and jump in to restore their autocracy
Use my words to move into your abusing minds of confusing dystopian utopian purity
You can't handle me when your visions aren't used to the insanity
Of being another cog in a world of fucked up depravity
Being political in a rap while seeking an outlet from this disparity
Donald over there being all like, this is why we need the wall badly!

I've landed now and I ain't leaving
Till I'm satisfied I'll leave you fucking grieving
Like tentacion and the woman on whom he laid a hard beating
It doesn't matter he did it cause he famous and not among the living
I'm so desperate, would even be left beaten in the subway like Jussie Smollett
Just to have that 5 minutes of fame before the cops ask for my cellphone asset
Fuck it, I'll go to jail with a smile while handing over my mixtape cassette
What do you mean they don't play those no more?! I saw Bernie sanders has it!

I took a spaceship to Mars to see the rover dance but all it said was it's getting dark
So, I installed a spare battery so it can look at me while I battered it
I don't want to use violence to make a point but If I didn't, they'd call me Apu boy
And that's not nice, but does it ever matter
Even after too many deaths and nolivesmatter!

I can't wait for them to say,” oh look another wannabe Marshall Mathers”
I'll come in through your window and show you how much hurt I can do with my hammers
I wish I knew how to use this rage and anger positively
But the only positively I'll be dealing with is identifying my next victim's body
I'd say a kind word and give you something to hope about for the future
But that would mean I'd be the good guy who lets you give you a shoulder to cry over
That would mean my shoulder would lean over because of the times I had you over
With a tissue box for you and another one after you've left me blue down under
Seriously though, I'm a really nice guy once you get to blow me
This is objectifying to the core but that's because you don't know me

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