Set!, Set!, Seturn!
Set!, Set!, Seturn! x4

I'm the black man
Cypher the scythe when I need it tho
Throat to the cut from the Niger uh
Passive aggression don't need to hope
Bitch I'm a wolf I'm a Lycan, I fight with the right hand hate
I don't need no love in the hood
Build wit my niggas like Masons
Put hands on a freemason throat
Torture and bludgeon the bones
Bludgeon the images of the freemason skull
Blinded the light of the lucifer
Send them to Mut, Goddamn and that's beautiful
The fire , the earth and the wind
Wading the water to bend and that's mutable
Ruthless, bloody
And bougie niggas too and this is scrutiny
Soon to be in the underdirt that body wet like shoot for three
Man I don't run for the major league
Cuz niggas is built for the Superbowl
Linebacker, my shoulders crushin the boulders ready I'm suitable
Man, you give up on imperious curses
Niggas ain't built for the crucio
The flick of the tounge of the serpent
Sewers is surgin with it, I heard the shit
You ready to get with the worthy
Killin the dirty blood with the murk in it
Everyone up in the heavens or under the dirt
I'm stuck with the surface shit
Satan the man of the century
The earth is mine cuz I turn the shit

Set!, Set!, Seturn!
Set!, Set!, Seturn! x4

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