All For You

by N/A

on Young Kings: A Taste of Fame

[Verse 1: D-Raff] lookin through my phone, see your pictures in my album, lookin at the boy, know you can't live without em, that's why I'm out here singin grindin to my fuckin anthem, this my motherfuckin anthem, back and forth, back and forth, (uhyuu) back and forth, make a buck, bank a buck, save it for your fine ass, that dinner date I got for you, a product of the finest, call that wheelin and dealin and winin and dinin, I'm tryna justify my actions, scared I can't support you, scared by my actions, cause these fiends be out here clashin, ain't had to do it yet, but for you I ain't afraid to pull the chair, call these mothafuckas on direct, tell em I gotta hold my baby down, makin bank, slavin, while you hold the crown, Cause I gotta make my lady proud, life long, life short, we ain't got time to be depressed, we gotta be the meanest, I'm blessed, that's why I rep the jesus

[Hook: D-Raff] we grindin makin paper baby, it's all for you, we ride and make this bank my lady, it's all for you, they knockin on the door
(doof doof doof doof), it's all for you, we out here doin what we gotta baby, all for you (X2)

[verse 2: D-Raff] look back, in the mirror see your face so clear it's hauntin me, honestly, my confidence, yeah it's down the fuckin drain, I'm faking babe, the smile you see just masks the pain, masquerades, smack the bass, the music from my thoughts just shakes the place, everywhere I go I set the mood, but gotta be strong and I gotta improve and I gotta make this dough, aggh, it's all for you, got dreams of a better place, my goal is paradise, chancin shit like a pair of dice, acid rap, it takes me back, let's get lost, I miss my cocoa butter kisses, I miss my fucking misses, and nowadays, I'm ashamed of how I'm livin, but we gotta make a living and this here's the window, slingin dough, clingy hoes, get passed back through assembly, keep bullets on the low and we killing them gently, ladies and gentlemen, david the letterman sent me a note, said that ain't all she wrote, so I'm grindin makin paper baby, just wanted you to know, wherever you go, I'm out here doin what I gotta baby, it's all for you


[Verse 3: D-Raff]

These hatin mothafuckas sayin we ain't got shit, you know we got it, we always bout it, you the finest I'm the baddest, they talkin bout it, go home in my room and I almost sob about it, but real mothafuckas never cry no tears, real mothafuckas just grind they gears and make that time of theirs, spittin these bars tryna make that timeless shit, you're my fuckin inspiration, take this shit and disintegrate it, fuck yo residuals, we are the criminals, killin and feelin and bendin yo minimum, talkin their shit and you know I'm defendin you, spendin this cinnamon & hope for a minute man, but yall fuckin with me now, hatin mothafuckas never stoppin, I'm rockin, sleep with a shot, if you sneakin I got em, ride for my mothafuckas, best bet I'd die for my mothafuckas, my boo thing out there, while I'm ridin on em out here, got some new J's, a nice pair, where you think that money came from, dumb mothafuckas, never datin, always focused on get paper, never phased, never saved for later, gotta do it, gotta make it, gotta save it, it's all for you, doin what we gotta baby, it's all for you


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On All For You by N/A

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