The Havoc

Grim Reality

by My Graveyard Productions

on The Havoc (1994)

(Verse 1: ?)
I look over yonder and what do I see?
All of my niggas with Glocks around me
Visions of Psalm 23rd in my head
Though I walk in the valley with my infra-red
Where do you run, where do you hide
It's gonna be a homicide
Niggas laying on the curbs, bodies all in plastic bags
Why do I walk away and hit the whips and let my khakis sag
They say a life is a terrible thing to waste
Do you mind if I stick my hands in your guts and tell you how your intestines tastes
Niggas think I'm friendly, no I'm not
Pop goes the Glock, bystanders get shot
You smoking rocks, no I ain't my nigga just reality
Niggas are constantly asking me, where I put their bodies g
Pumping, filling the body up with lead
How you gonna kill me when I'm already dead
Watching head, I guess i'll begin to fucking slaughter
Murdering mothers, fathers, daughters
Son of a bitch it's not hard to die
Why oh why must I feed you to the flies
Higher than the clouds, because I'm out of the atmosphere
Pass the razorblade and bumping Hear my Dear
Fear no other man on this planet
Having crazy dreams, I'm losing it goddammit
I got to hold on to reality because reality got a hold on me

(Verse 2: Lil Grimm)
You look into my eyes, then my eyes got you dazed
He wants me to my skull, you will be trapped into my maze
Caught by the reaper so keep a nigga deeper
Creepin on that other level, have you ever met the devil
Suicidal ghost writer, bustaz make me use my 7
Digging holes for you bitches mind --------
Seven bodies dead without the head hung in my garage
Having bad dreams so I jump out my bed and snap
------------------ reading all these evil scripts
Do you hear that noise I hear
Cast a spell you disappear , run into the mystic fog
Fall into the yellow brick road where your soul is taken on your bliss
It's ice cold, bustaz can you ------ this shit
Mind lurking with the torture
Take your body to the ground give it to the vulture
The doctors got no medicine, the cure is fucking panic
Look up in the sky
I'm so glad I cannot see reality got a hold on me since like chi-chi

(Verse 3)
Lord bless me for every sins I committed
Who did the murder who did the murder, I did it
Why did I do it, the devil told me so
Mommy, daddy, devil don't wanna let me go
My neighbors tell me "hey man get a grip"
But every time I grab a nigga ------------
But every time I drop a busta down I ask why
Pass my Philly blunt and dip it in formaldehyde
And maybe it's the dope that got me clicking
And maybe it's the coke that got me trippin
I don't give a fuck I guess I'll let it -----
I go the fuck to my car and grab my nickel plated nine
Nobody understand, get them demons off of me
Reality got a hold on tree, pass the P

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On Grim Reality by My Graveyard Productions

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