Mxrc Clxrk

New Man

by Mxrc Clxrk

[Intro: Mxrc Clxrk]
Yea, Im a new man (3x)
So how you doing, yea (2x)
Yea, Im a new man
Aye, I'm a new man
Yea, so how you doing
I heard you moving
I heard you moving, yea

[Verse 1: Mxrc Clxrk]
I live in moments where I'm feeling low
Heard you went to Mexico
Ima turn in to plexico
I see your face your face where I ever I go
Whenever I go
I don't wanna go, I don't care
Your friends ain't friends
My mans ain't my mans we smile we like happy
You call and I fall, you ball and I ball
I thought I needed more love, over compensated with no fucks
I've been unsure lately concerning myself with niggas you been dating or the eyes that seen you naked cause
I hold you sacred
My nigga tell me never leave all my eggs in one basket
Cause you gone leave me breaking
I try to convince myself cheating don't mean much when you ain't married I don't cheat I'm insecure the cycle repeats mental abuse
Me side eyeing while loving on you
Too many game introducing you to pain you don't deserve me

[Hook: Mxrc Clxrk]
I'm a new man (2x)
How you doing
Yea we've been here before (2x)
Love feel like a chore
This love feel like a chore
But, I'm a new man
Love how you doing
You movinh on
How you doing
Lov love i heard you moving (2x)
But how you doing
But im still a new man

[Verse 2: Mxrc Clxrk]
So long
I'm so far gone
With the emotions
No rowing of boats or boring love quotes and
Just clinching of throats and
Pride choking
Mouths close and hearts broken
We played the part
Searching for souls paying tolls
Down these lonely roads
We found each other both bothered
Raised with no fathers
Misdirection with erections
Guided lines for c section
Plan b, we avoid the message, period
Crossing t and dotting I's
You and I under God
Fighting the odds in our separate lives
Tears cried late at night
Looking for love in empty bottles
Swallowing sorrow
Avoiding tomorrow
Looking for moments that only borrowed
I said that before, sure
Next days with headaches
Confused in a dead space
A race to get it right and live yo life
Like your friends living right Kids and shit
But the Brokenness
Leads to hopelessness
Man not to blame, we just the same
How we Masking the pain
And we Numbing the brain
Using sex as a weapon and you fall for trap
Deep in the laps racing racing racing for something new
Hopefully a nigga with some type of revenue
Just confusion, and a pussy brushing
Rough sex with hickeys on ya neck
You trying to get next what's next idk
That sucks right but that's just life
The cycle of life when we trying to get it right
Goodnight, goodnight to your love life

[Outro: Mxrc Clxrk]
Cause I'm a new man
Love, love, how you doing
Love, love I heard you moving
Love confusing 'its so abusing , yea

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On New Man by Mxrc Clxrk

By Lily


I'm looking for a song sung by a man, with a few lyrics saying ' if I go I don't want to go, oh no'
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