Alex I am Nothing

Alex Impulse

by Museum Mouth

on Alex I am Nothing (2014)

I remember the first time I saw you
I knew you'd be important
That's why I wasn't surprised when
One week later you were in my basement
Standing by the lamplight
I swore it looked like you were sacred
I shook your hand, said my name was Karl
Then pictured you naked
And then we started talking almost every day
And I admit I thought about you in the worst possible ways
You reassured me that I had gold in my bones
And I didn't deserve to spend my whole life alone
You told me that I was really something
I guess that's better than nothing

But Alex I am a moron and we both know it's true
—i'll never do what i'm supposed to do
I got fucked up and I misread your signals
—you think i'm evil
So now you're gone and it's already through
But if I never would have said these things
Or wrote these songs
Would I have ever stood a chance with you?
I probably never should have said these things

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On Alex Impulse by Museum Mouth

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