The World Is Yours

Born to Lose

by Motörhead

on The World Is Yours (2010)

Go ahead, put the blame on me
Another reason to disagree
Blind to all the truth for sure
Hear the hammer
Knocking at your door
But you know it's all fairy tales
A heavy heart like a bag of nails

Stand up, show your face
Another victim of the cold embrace
Before too long no more singers
No more songs

Oh no, last call, you had a chance
You lost it all
Got some bad news
Never learn to dance
Born to lose

Telling lies just makes it worse
Another loved one blind and cursed
Don't speak truth, only lies
All we need is a reason why
But then you always miss the point
Your perfect time is out of joint

Stand up, bite your tongue
Hell coming and it won't be long
Your wasted life, cut to ribbons
With a thousand knives

Right now, right here
Lose your mind
But show no fear
Burn slow, no excuse, so unkind
Born to lose

Be still, turn your back
You can't survive and that's a fact
I know you can't believe it's true
The evil years catching up to you
Now, your face is awful pale
Never thought you were gonna fail

Stand up, we cut you down
The worm awaits you
In this barren ground
Your last goodbye
Sweet justice for your wasted life

Right now, no doubt
In a world of pain, no way out
Be still, can't refuse
In a world of shame, born to lose
No remorse, can't cope
No getaway, up in smoke
Fade out, we accuse, time to pay
Born to lose, born to lose

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