Dig That Hole

by Monster Magnet

on Mastermind (2010)

I, I can't sleep at night
Cause that's the only time when I feel truly free
And I just want to drive my car
I don't know where I'm going but at least I ain't standing still
I'm feeling nervous and my doctor says to me
"Boy, that ain't nothing that a pill won't cure"

Me, this is all about me
I'm a buzz-word, bluetooth jerk-off on TV
And I ain't gonna try too hard
I wanna win a contest and break off my pieces of the American dream
Give me a bonus 'cause the world has fried my head
I just want what I deserve

Dig that hole
I said to dig that hole, baby

I, I want to start a fire
Fly a jet, save a dog or get paid for being right
But I can't understand this world
The kids just seem to wanna spray pain't the word "nigger" on the wall
Guess I forgive them for they know not what they do
Maybe society's just lost it's cool

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On Dig That Hole by Monster Magnet

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